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Subramanian Swamy Asked Government to Take Bold Steps

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Subramanian Swamy, a prominent voice in BJP has criticized Modi government on economic policy. He added that a government needs to take bold steps to revive the economy and grow at a rate of 10 %. He was firm in his saying that even 7% revival of growth rate will not help India. His remarks came after the NSO officially released data that the Indian economy growing rate has reached to 5 % in the first quarter. That was 5.8 in the previous quarter.

In his comments, he said Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman is dealing with the problem since she has entered into the office. And to grow at 10% and making 5 trillion economies by 2024 is not an easy task. The government needs to act now as with every delay in taking action we are pushing the economy in its worst phase. Harvard studied economist Mr Subramanian Swamy famous for its plain talk has surely raised an important moot able point. Question is whether the government is ready to listen or not.

Here what people need to understand that the economy is slowing down for a very long time. It was the fifth quarter when GDP showed a fall in growth rate. And also this for the first time the government has officially admitted that GDP is not growing.

Economy of India consecutive Fifth Quarter Downfall

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