Nitin Gadkari on petrol diesel

Nitin Gadkari Announced No Ban on Petrol Diesel Vehicle

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Nitin Gadkari, Union minister to while addressing at SIAM Annual Convention addresses various issues including slow down in the auto sector. Although the minister accepted that the automobile sector is in bad shape and will surely affect the employment rate in India. Probably worsen the situation, but honestly, the unemployment rate is already in its worst phase. And continuously deterioration is worrying. However, according to him both his ministry and finance ministry are looking for the solution.

Taking on petrol diesel ban, Nitin Gadkari has made it clear that the government has no intention of banning any kind of petrol diesel vehicle. There was actually news in public domain that the government may ban petrol or diesel vehicle. Because of that also people are not buying a vehicle. Here the government is adamant of convincing that recession is cyclic and not structural. Many won’t agree with him as it’s not the auto sector only that is suffering. But also other sectors who are registering negative growth.

Indian Textile Industry in the month of August published an advertisement in the newspaper that there is a crisis in their sector. People are losing jobs, they actually opt this option after seeing media is not covering their problem. And to reach the government ears they chose this platform. At a time when media busy in jingoism or haling the government, it has become very difficult for the common people in the country to raise their issues.

UPSC conducted SSC exam in the year 2017 but has not released the result yet.

While addressing 59th SIAM audiences, he was coherent on saying that the manufacturer should try to become quality-centric not cost centric. He added that India has the potential to become a world manufacturing hub. However, for that, companies like automobiles need to contribute as well.

He was very firm on reducing pollution from Delhi and other major cities. Right now Indian cities are top in the chart of polluted areas. And he has asked the automobile owners to go for Bharat Stage 6 stage instead of asking relaxation for pollution-causing vehicles.

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