SBI clerk exam reviews – Junior Associates (ALL SHIFT)

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SBI, On 22nd June and 23 June, has successfully conducted a preliminary exam for Junior Associates. They conducted in various centres across the country.

The exam held into 4 shifts from morning to evening. According to many students, the exam level was easy. Unlike the previous year, no question was surprising. Questions were orthodoxical with straight forward answers.

English was a bit tricky. As per the clerk level exam but rest quant and reasoning sections were easy.

SBI this year added no question-based quantity 1 and quantity 2 type. Instead, they had asked pretty straight forward questions. Like they used to ask in 2017, 2016.

Quadratic equation, missing series, error detection are some of the questions that were asked in the exam.

Exams that were held on 22 June

Shift 1

Subject Good Attempt

1.English Language 25 – 27

2.Reasoning Ability 28 – 31

3.Numerical Ability 23 – 25

Total 76 – 83

Exam was easy-moderate

In quant, Bar graph in DI section

In Reasoning section 4 puzzle were there including the seating arrangement in which an uncertain number of people were given

Shift 2

Subject Good Attempt

1.English Language 24 – 27

2.Reasoning Ability 25 – 28

3.Numerical Ability 23 – 26

Total 72-81

Based on Antonym or Synonym in English section 3-4 questions were present.

Shift 3

Subject Good Attempt

1.English Language 19 – 22

2.Reasoning Ability 29 – 33

3.Numerical Ability 23 – 25

Total 71 – 80

In quant Line Graph, 10 simplifications pretty easy, length of the bridge (time and distance),

In English passage was based on Dreams, questions were not straight forward


one would have to really think, to answer


Error detection was easy, Jumble sentences (5 questions)

Reasoning was easy

Shift 4

Subject Good Attempt

1.English Language 18 – 20

2.Reasoning Ability 24 – 28

3.Numerical Ability 19 – 22

Total 65-70

There were two DI in this shift i.e. Bar Graph and Caselet.

Considering the pattern of the exam.

Cut off will go high from the previous year.

Most likely to be around

68 – 72 for north and west India,

65 – 70 for south and west,

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