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How to activate SBI ATM card online via

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You can activate your newly received State Bank of India (SBI) ATM card online through internet banking. SBI has enabled its internet banking customers to activate their new ATM cards online through its official website. To activate a new SBI ATM card online through the bank’s internet banking portal, the customer is required to log in and enter the 16-digit ATM number, among other details.

How to activate SBI ATM card via

Go to the ‘ATM Card Services’ option under the ‘e-Services’ section after getting logged-in. Click on it.
You will be taken to a new section which will have multiple options.

Select the account from which the ATM card was issued.

Enter the 16-digit ATM card number twice in the given fields and click on the ‘Activate’ option.

Verify the details – such as account type and branch location – displayed on the screen by the internet banking portal and confirm by clicking on ‘Confirm’.

The bank then sends you a ‘high-security password’, on your registered mobile number.

Enter this security password in the given field. Click ‘Confirm’.

Your card will be activated SBI will confirm the same by displaying the message – ‘ATM card has been activated successfully’. The newly-received ATM card can be used only after activation, according to SBI.


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