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GST Return Its Types and Filling Process

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GST levied on 1st July 2017 is a taxation system.

It is a single indirect tax system.

Before GST Indian tax system was very complicated and had various numbers of taxes.

Moreover, to relieve people and reduce this complex structure government introduced GST
Returns are that in which all types of taxpayers have to file return form with the income tax authorities of India under the new rules.

Every individual rolled in under the GST Act has to publish his/her details of the sales and purchases of goods and services along with the details of tax collected and paid.

Every taxpayer will fill four types of return

These returns are

The return for supplies
Return for purchases
Monthly returns
Annual returns.

Also, small taxpayers who have opted for composition scheme will have to file quarterly returns.

The process of filing returns is completely online.

If you are a manufacturer or supplier or dealer or consumer, you will have to file the tax return every year.
Under the new GST regime, this whole process has gone online.

Various apps, software are available to file GST return by Goods and Services Network (GSTN).


Log in to

Depending upon state code and PAN number a 15 number digit will be issued.

Upload all the invoices on the website after logging in.

On each invoice, a reference number will be issued.

After uploading invoices, all form will appear which one will have to fill.

If any error occurs, one will have the option of correcting it and can refill the returns.

Types of form explained in full detail

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