Banks to reopen some branches, operating hours adjusted

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Local financial institutions will reopen some of their branches to the public on Monday (July 4) under certain guidelines, the Monetary Authority of Macau (AMCM) indicated after coordinating with the Macau Association of Banks and the Macau Insurers Association.

Banks’ operating hours will be adjusted to between 10am. and 4pm.

All bank branches have been closed since June 20, following the beginning of the current COVID-19 outbreak, with only ATM, online services and hotline services for customers to handle urgent financial services being provided over the past two weeks.

AMCM also calls on the public not to go to financial institutions to conduct business in person unless it is an emergency, and to use the institutions’ online services as much as possible. The Authority reminded financial institutions to take a series of anti-epidemic measures and strengthen the hygiene management of business locations to protect the health of employees and customers, including requiring customers to present a green health code before entering.

Banco Nacional Ultramarino (BNU) will open six branches across the city, corresponding to one third of their network, while the main branch and main building will remain closed. Services will be available at those six branches, but the bank encourages customers to use ATM, online and phone banking services.

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