Banks Closed In March 2020

Banks To Remain Closed For 13 Days In March

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Banks will remain closed for 13 days, out of the total 31 days in March 2020, on account of national holidays, weekly offs and regional holidays. As the major festival in March 2020 is Holi on 10th March, banks in most parts of India will be closed to observe it and some banks will remain closed for two days to celebrate the festival, according to the bank holidays list by the Reserve Bank of India. In the upcoming month, there will be eight national holidays i.e banks in all areas will remain closed on these dates and five regional holidays such as Gudhi Padwa / Ugadi in several southern and western states, and Sarhul in Jharkhand. Here is the full list of bank holidays in March 2020.

National Holidays

01 March 2020 — Weekly off (Sunday)
08 March 2020 — Weekly off (Sunday)
10 March 2020 — Holi (Tuesday)
14 March 2020 — Second Saturday
15 March 2020 — Weekly off (Sunday)
22 March 2020 — Weekly off (Sunday)
28 March 2020 — Fourth Saturday
29 March 2020 — Weekly off (Sunday)

Regional Holidays

06 March 2020 — Chapchar Kut (Friday)
09 March 2020 — Holika/ Doljatra/ Holi/ Birthday of Md Hazarat Ali (Monday)
11 March 2020 — Holi (Wednesday)
25 March 2020 — Gudhi Padwa/ Ugadi/ 1st Navratra (Wednesday)
27 March 2020 — Sarhul (Friday)

Only Aizawl will observe bank holiday on 6 March 2020. The holiday on 9th March 2020 will be observed in banks across Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal. Banks in Bihar and Jharkhand will remain closed on 11 March 2020 to observe Holi. Banks in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Ladakh, Maharashtra, Manipur, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Goa and Jammu & Kashmir will remain closed on 25 March 2020. Only Jharkhand will observe a bank holiday on 27 March 2020 on account of Sarhul.


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