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State Bank Of India Account Holders Can Now Shop Without Cash, Debit Card!

SBI Online

SBI Online: The State Bank of India (SBI) account holders can now do their shopping without keeping cash in their pocket and their SBI debit card or credit card in their wallet. To make shopping payments easier and risk-free, the SBI has been launching new ideas and products for its customers. In this line, the largest Indian commercial bank has now made provisions for its customers to register their SBI ATM or credit card with the SBI Card Pay mobile app. Once, they register their SBI Card on the SBI Card Pay mobile app, the SBI cardholder need not swipe once SBi debit or credit card at the PoS (Point of Sale) terminal to pay at the shopping counter. According to the cybercrime experts, this way of payment is safer and convenient as one need not keep cash in one’s pocket and ATM card in one’s wallet and still one can do the shopping or any other payment where the PoS terminal exists. They said that through this way of payment would help an SBI customer to avoid any chances of skimming or banking fraud through card cloning.

According to the official website of the SBI —, an SBI customer using the SBI card needs to download SBI Card Pay mobile app on one’s android or smartphone. After doing this, he or she needs to register one’s SBI card there for once. After doing the registration at the SBI Card Pay mobile app, one can do the shopping or any other payments without cash or card swipe at the PoS terminal. For any payments, SBI customers need to unlock once mobile and bring one’s mobile at the Pos terminal. The payment will automatically get debited from one’s SBi debit or credit card.

How to do payments without cash and SBI card swipe

So, if an SBI customer wants to avail this service of the SBI card department, one has to follow this step by step guide:

1] Install SBI Card Pay mobile app on your android or smartphone;

2] Register your SBI card at SBI Card Pay mobile app;

3] After this, one can do any kind of payment by unlocking one’s mobile and bring it near the Pos.

The State Bank of India has launched this service on its VISA Platform, which can be used by any of the android or smartphone users. In this service of the SBI, android OS or Operating System KitKat 4.4 will be applicable. The SBI has given is shareholders the luxury to fix per day shopping limit while registering one’s SBI card at the SBI Card Pay mobile app.


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