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Bank Atm Card Holder? Check out top Trends Coming Up In 2020


Bank ATMs meet expectations of the debit and credit card holders in many ways. Evolving tech has made it possible to both withdraw and deposit money, plus much, much more. Now, due to bank ATMs, there is almost no need for bank account holders to visit their local bank branches. The year is almost over and some huge advances have been made. But what of the future, what is the new year going to bring? Fortunately, banks try to come up with better services and technology all the time. According to Aditya Shankar, Head-Software Solution Sales, Diebold Nixdorf India, there are number of new trends which are going to hit the market in 2020 to make the user experience more smooth in the coming years.


Bank ATM card holders are always worried about the safety of their money. Though a major chunk of India uses bank ATMs daily, there is a large segment that fears the consequences of online thefts which are prevalent in recent times. Though several measures have been taken and consumers have been informed on how to prevent this, trouble-mongers keep on inventing newer ways to get around these. However, in the next phase of ATM revolution, the security of the system has become paramount. New security layers and codings have been implemented to make it airtight from all aspects and stop the vulnerability of bank ATM transactions

Look and feel

Bored of the same big machines and small screens facing you when you go to pick up cash? Well, that is going to change too. A plan is in place which is going to change the entire look of your ATM machines and make them more user-friendly through a new UI and UX. Lesser confusion, better experience and a whole new look is ready.

API integration to take place

API refers to ‘application program interface’ which is again defined as a set of protocols, routines and tools that are used to create a software. Not something that will interest the consumer at first glance, but the end product of it is that the users will find it easier to interact and understand, without having to go through a lengthy series of events.


Another new boundary that this sector is aiming to cross is to give the user a more personalised service, which they would normally receive if they visit a bank or hotel. From changing the UI depending on your balance to including voice assistant within the machines.


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